Jazlin Pena

covergirl 2016

Jazlin Peña

Hi, I’m Jazlyn Peña, the queen of Mirada Miss Covergirl 2015, before anything I wanted to thank my parents, Luis and Karina

Pena and my family for all the support they gave me. My parents are from Mexicali, Baja California. I was born in San Jose, California and I’m fourteen years old. We came to Idaho in 2006 for a better life and education for me and my siblings.

Far before, I would look through the Mirada Magazine and always wanting to be apart of the contest, but I wasn’t old enough to be able to participate, I also didn’t feel good enough to be apart of this. My experience in Mirada Miss Covergirl has been beautiful, showing me how to do public speaking, how to walk in heels, having a good posture, and so much more. Before everything, it was extremely difficult for me because I knew nothing, throughout my experience I learned more about my origin and the hispanic culture.

This contest helps you raise your self-esteem, by teaching you how to value yourself more. The best of all is you make great new friends! Being apart of this contest has changed my life because now I feel a lot more confident and I know any girl could be Mirada Miss Covergirl.

Every girl should feel beautiful. And should know that they could do anything they want to achieve. Thank you Mirada Magazine for this opportunity and the amazing experience!



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